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listen to Lilian's speech on HerStory International Women's month USA/Canada Central 26- 28th March

An Online Summit to bring Women globally together on “Making the Impossible Possible."

Meet author Lilian Alterskjaer, known as the barefoot woman, with roots in Northern Sweden and the wild flora and fauna of Lapland, is known as a positive and dedicated source of inspiration for change and development. 

Title of here story: Discover the power of being Consciously Barefoot – and you get the best key in natural self-healing.

Click on the link and listen to Lilian's speech (This is a recording from the event, 17 minutes long)

Affich her story

Listening to Author Lilian Alterskjaer on The Abundance Coaching Institute Show.

Hosted by Resident Expert Carla Trigo , who will be interviewing outstanding guests from different walks of life on her show every Friday at 10:30 AM EDT - 3:30 PM UK.

Carla Trigo, also known as the "Provocative Changemaker" is on a mission to transform the lives of individuals who wish to shift their mindset and live life in a creative and holistic way.

Her guest this week is Author Lilian Alterskjaer.

Lilian is known as the barefoot woman, with roots in Northern Sweden and the wild flora and fauna of Lapland, she is known as a positive and dedicated source of inspiration for change and development.

The imprints she makes on Earth are like kisses in the sky.

Join the conversation this Friday between these two inspiring ladies!

You will be able to watch this show LIVE simultaneously on:

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If you want the paper book

New book conquers the world and makes people healthier.

Did you know that most of today’s common diseases, physical and mental, have their root cause in inflammatory conditions?

Can you imagine that contact with the ground, nasal breathing and a splash of Omega-3 oil can help to heal your inflammation?

CONSCIOUSLY BAREFOOT – About Earthing and healing inflammations is a book with new knowledge, research findings and inspiration.

The book includes tools and hands-on advices for natural health and healing.

Buy the paper book here:

200627_bredd 1400 pix_ omslag_epub_axiell_Consciously-Barefoot_Cover

This book can be your way to Natural Healing

Do you want to stay healthy or stop cronic inflammations and cronic diseases? This book is for You!

Best regards/

Lilian Alterskjaer Author and Director of Publisher Grön Kärlek (Green Love)

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  • Naturlig Självläkning

    “I was so excited to finally meet Lilian Alterskjaer and listen to her lecture about Grounding/ Earthing =Barefoot Healing and the amazing health benefits. NUTRITION, Keto Diet, Chronic inflammation, pain, weight gain and diseases that comes with that. Or are born out of it!

    Of course I bought her book where she also talks about conscious breathing, energy and oxygen.
    What impact does the radiation from the electromagnetic fields around us really have on our body and mind.
    What is Mitochondrion and what role do they and the cells really play!

    “The way YOU feel is how YOUR CELLS feel”

    Most of us like science and proof! This was a perfect combination, easy to understand(in Swedish) and plenty of research.

    We separate us from mother earth, running around with plastic/ rubber on our feet, working in front of a computer all day hooked into a ungrounded extension or sleeping next to our cellphones (Which by the way….. NONE of our phone chargers are grounded) completely crazy!!

    And my friends best of all……
    This is completely FREE!!! Just stick your toes down the dirt or the grass, if it’s WET….. even better This is simply something that has been forgotten in our culture. Let’s bring it back

    “A complicated problem doesn’t mean a complicated solution”
    ~René Manuel Medina, kinesiologist

    I can warmly recommend this book to EVERYBODY!”

    Holistic movement Sweden